Coming Soon with fully integrated Domain and Hosting.

Currently you can purchase domains and hosting, and we also offer specialized WordPress hosting with advanced features. But until we finish working on the great things we have in store for you please pick the appropreate link.

100’s of Reasons

Easy Web Development

We offer a full range of options for web development. Including customer solutions and apps.

UX Design

Our UX/UI team is here for you. Even though they didn’t work on this site… yet.

Database Design

Need a custom database solution? We have you covered there as well.


Custom Javascript development is available.


Sometimes you need help with the basics. We have you covered and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Apps & Games

Yes we can! Currently we have 3 apps and 2 games under our belts.

My entire team was skeptical at first but by the end of the first day, we were believers.

ETGM proved they have the skills needed to provide our 10,000 daily visitors with a smooth and fast loading experience. 

John S. Owner New Ark Media


How do I get discount?

Please reach out before making your purchase. We can add you to a special discount account that will automatically make your domains cheaper.

Do I need 2 accounts?

If you get the standard hosting or one of our standard WordPress hosting accounts through you can avoid having 2 accounts.

What do I do when I have an issue?

Standard hosting and domain has 24/7 support standing by to help you at a moments notice. For our advanced hosting you will need to put in a ticket and we will get back to you ASAP typically less than 4 hrs.

Which option should I pick?

I’ll keep this simple. If you have less than 100,000 monthly visitors and don’t expect that number to grow anytime soon then you can use the standard hosting or standard WordPress hosting found at

If you have more than 100,000 monthly traffic you should get our advanced hosting from ETGM